A Look At Samples from ‘VIEWS’

For anyone who is like me and loves to dissect Hip-Hop music here is a look at some of the samples used in production for Drake’s new album VIEWS. Noah “40” Shebib , Drake’s right-hand man and producer/engineer has one of the best ears of all time in my opinion and always uses great samples.


“U With Me?” sampled “What These B* Want” & “How It’s Goin’ Down” by DMX

Inserted Clean version of “What These B* Want”


“Weston Road Flows” sampled “Mary’s Joint” by Mary J. Blige


“Redemption” sampled “One Wish” by Ray J


“Faithful” sampled “Get Gone” by Ideal & featured a verse from Pimp C off of “Tom Ford (Remix)” by Jay-Z


“Fire & Desire” sampled “I Dedicate” pt. 1,2, & 3 by Brandy