Three Artists 300 Entertainment Should Sign




300 Entertainment is an American independent record label, or as the one of the founders and company head Lyor Cohen likes to call it a “music company”, based out of New York City. They’re a new age label and a company that is trying to push the envelope and change the way labels operate and work. Their roster ranges from Mike Stud to Coheed and Cambria to Young Thug. Here are three artists that I not only like and think have a chance to blow up, but also artists that I think make the most sense for 300 Entertainment to sign.

Tunji Ige

tunji ige

Meet Olatunji Ige aka Tunji Ige, a rapper from Philly with a much different style than Meek Mill.Tunji recently released a project titled “Missed Calls” and thus far has gotten incredible reviews. Check out the project below:

Tunji recently dropped out of college and has made waves in the industry since devoting himself full-time to his craft. Being a producer has helped Tunji create his sound, and so far has been able to combine the production with lyrics that have substance. Tunji is relatable making him prime to blow up. Being naturally relatable is a gift that some musicians just have more than others and there’s no doubt Tunji has it. After doing research for this post, I even saw an Instagram post from Tunji where he is hanging out with Lyor Cohen and gets him to say “Missed Calls” so maybe Mr. Cohen is one step ahead of me and is already looking at signing Tunji. I’d like to say great minds think alike.

Mr. Carmack

carmack (1)

Meet Aaron Carmack aka Mr. Carmack. He is a producer/DJ from San Francisco, CA, but bases himself out of Hawaii.

If someone were to give me money and told me to start a record label, Mr. Carmack would easily be the first person I would try to sign. Although he is relatively unknown to the average person, I have been following Aaron for about two years now and I can tell you right now that there is nobody else quite like him around. I feel like he’s a little ahead of his time, and feel like he is has a sound that is going to be more popular 10 years from now. He can hit you with something groovy, grimy, or soulful and ever song he puts out is going to be something you’ve never heard before, I can guarantee that. His originals are original in every sense of the word and his remixes are hardly remixes.

300 should sign him for multiple reasons with the first being that Mr. Carmack diversifies their roster. They don’t have any DJ’s signed and I feel he would make a good first. Second, Mr. Carmack is a producer first and a DJ second, and he is constantly taking his production to the next level. The third reason I think they should sign him and why I think signing him makes sense is his connection to 300’s golden boy, Young Thug. Mr. Carmack opened up for Thug and RL Grime in Central Park at Summerstage this past September. So you know they’re aware of one another and you know Lyor Cohen is aware of him. I think a Young Thug x Mr. Carmack collab would be incredible considering Carmack’s wide range of sounds and abilities. They could make a very progressive project for hip-hop and could be a way to continue to separate Young Thug from the oversaturated Atlanta sound and the rest of hip-hop. Carmack has done production for a few hip-hop artists, notably his recent track with Towkio & Vic Mensa called ” G W M”. Listen below:


Oh  P.S.

& here are two personal Carmack favorites of mine…



The third artist we have is Atlanta rapper, singer, and producer, Russ. The Atlanta native is on the come up and is one of the best underground songwriters I’ve heard in hip-hop in quite some time. He fits in with 300’s roster perfectly and offers quite a bit. His biggest strength as an artist? His incredibly diverse catalogue. The beautiful thing about signing Russ is that he has already built up quite a following  and I think he is still developing and trying to find his own lane. I think 300 could help him much like they have with Fetty Wap and Young Thug in finding his own lane and providing the financial means for him to put together an incredible album.