Case Arnold- The Nicest

I introduce Case Arnold. Tennessee rapper from Clarkesville. Super smooth flow. Definitely a young artist to keep and eye on. Check out his song “The Nicest”, it’s been out for a couple months but it is definitely one of his strongest.  ‪#‎welcometotheparty‬



SKRT (Remix) by Roy Wood$

In the most recent OVO sound radio set, “Summer Sixteen” by Drake and Nas’ remix to Future’s “March Madness” may have been the most talked about songs on the show, but hidden in the shuffle of great music was a gem. This gem is a very “Toronto sounding” remix to Kodak Black‘s “SKRT”, which went viral this past fall after a Drake co-sign dancing in a video on Instagram. The remix comes from ironically another artist that has a Drake co-sign and is also signed to OVO (Drake’s record label), Roy Wood$. The EXIS artist hasn’t dropped new material in a while, but the wait was worth it.

While Kodak Black’s original version is a very “gangster” and a violent song lyrically talking about swerving on everybody and even talking about having a sniper looking over playing peek-a-boo over a very ambient and soft sounding beat which you can listen to above, Roy Wood$ takes the song and turns it more into a break up anthem about swerving on his ex. Give it a listen for yourself:

Cousin Stizz || Suffolk County Review

Suffolk County is another album where a rapper reps his hood or his city. Sometimes it’s done well and sometimes we wish they would quit. In this case, Cousin Stizz does it very well and really puts on for Boston and it’s hip-hop scene. Songs like “No Bells” and “Fresh Prince” really standout and help carry the album.

No Bells Video

“Dirty Bands” is another stand out track along with “Real Life” (which I think is a major sleeper). When listening to this album you have to take into account that this is his rookie album. There is a ton of room for growth for sure, however you can tell that there is an incredible amount of talent on Suffolk County. I also love how original he sounds. I found myself refreshed hearing some quality new hip-hop music from a relatively unknown artist.